Body Building Routines & Bodybuilding Workouts

One of the things that new body builders figure out very quickly is that there are many different choices as to exact body building routines. That being said, while tiny details may differ from plan to plan, there are generally two "types" of routines that are most often used by bodybuilders: "body sculpting" and "body building" routines. Almost every plan will fall under one of these two types of routines.

"Body sculpting" is exactly what it sounds like: a weight lifting routine that is used not by individuals who want to bulk up, but by people who just want to firm up as a whole and lose body fat. This is often done by adding some muscle, and then changing eating habits to lose body fat, causing the new muscles to tighten up and the body as a whole to look better afterwards.

Body sculpting is a great body building routine for individuals who are quite a bit over weight and want to not only lose weight, but to get into shape and look good. Most people who are balancing both exercise and diet often have this goal of body sculpting in mind.

For many individuals the hoped or end result of body sculpting is to get into good shape and to move from overweight to healthy weight. Depending on whether you are male or female, this can be a different number. A good final goal for the average woman is to hit the 12-15% body fat range while for the average man 8-10% is a very reasonable goal.

The second common routine is the actual "bodybuilding" that most people are familiar with. The main goal for these bodybuilders is to add pounds and pounds of muscle mass while taking their body fat levels as low as possible, many shooting for as low as 3-4% total body fat (this is not recommended unless you are, or have the supervision of, a professional).

There are many differences between both of these routines of bodybuilding, but there are a few common factors that the two have in common. Paying attention to these details and making sure that your bodybuilding work out, whether for body sculpting or bodybuilding, follows these "rules" will help guarantee you maximum results for your effort.

Tip #1: Workouts should be short (45-75 minutes at the most). The reason for this is that after 75 minutes the levels of fat burning hormones and muscle building hormones that your body naturally produces begin to drop. Translation: anything after 75 minutes can actually prevent you from losing fat or gaining muscle quickly, and makes recovery take longer.

Tip #2: Rests should be kept low. Your rest between sets should be 90 seconds or less. Part of the reason is this allows you to put a full work out in 75 minutes or less, but it also helps get your heart involved and improves cardio. It's also generally believed that this kind of "shock" training gets the most out of muscle growth

Tip #3: Vary training. Doing the same routine over and over is not only boring, but your muscles adapt, making it impossible to gain more muscle mass. Varying the types of weight lifting you do, weight, and intensity will lead to a far better bodybuilding program, and one that will have more far lasting effects than the same old hum drum.

Follow these three tips, and you will be much happier with your bodybuilding results.

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